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Kerri-anne Telford Paediatric Occupational Therapy offers a range services, including sessions run in the sensorygym/play room at the clinic or sessions in the community; such as schools, kinder and childcare . Occupational therapy sessions are goal-directed and emphasize the importance of the child’s ability to feel good about their own self and achieve a higher level of skill mastery – be it play or motor skill development or being calm and engaged in their world. The goal of therapy is to provide the child with the right challenges to move to move him or her forward developmentally and for therapy to be rewarding and fun. We foster positive relationships between the parent, child and therapist as recognised in best practice. Children typically love their therapy sessions and they can’t wait to come back again.


Our services include:

  • Assessment, including screening and formal assessment
  • Therapy sessions in-clinic: 60 or 45 minutes
  • Social skills groups
  • Childcare, kinder and school visits including observations and recommendations
  • School holiday intensives
  • Attendance at team management meetings, such as ILP meetings
  • Parent education
  • Teacher education
  • Educational presentations to kindergartens and schools.
  • Home visits where required.




Aquatic Occupational Therapy – will run in blocks in each school holiday period.

Swimming and water safety are necessary skills for all children. Kerri-anne has designed a specialised program to help children with a variety of special needs, sensory processing issues and motor coordination difficulties reach their full potential and learn to swim. Water provides an environment which can elicit a calming response in children making them more receptive to learning. Aquatic therapy can improve motor planning and coordination, self-regulation, interaction, oral motor control, reflex-patterning and results in improved body awareness. These lessons are also appropriate for a child who is simply anxious to get into the water, or a child who has difficulty accessing appropriate swimming lessons. Kerri-anne is a trained swimming teacher and she includes swimming skills and water safety in the program. Sessions will run for 30 minutes.


Services are open to all ages and stages from 0-18.


Please contact us if you would like to make an appointment or discuss our services.