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Kerri-anne Telford Paediatric Occupational Therapy offers a range services, including sessions run in the sensory gym/play room at the clinic or sessions in the community; such as schools, kinder and childcare. 

Occupational therapy sessions are goal-directed and emphasize the importance of the child’s ability to feel good about their own self and achieve a higher level of skill mastery – be it play or motor skill development or being calm and engaged in their world. 

The goal of therapy is to provide the child with the right challenges to move to move him or her forward developmentally and for therapy to be rewarding and fun. 

We foster positive relationships between the parent, child and therapist as recognised in best practice. 

Children typically love their therapy sessions and they can’t wait to come back again.

We focus on a child’s development to find the underlying cause impacting their ability to move forward and address these using a range of developmental interventions, strategies and skills-based training.

We can help with:

  • Sensory processing challenges

  • Fine and gross motor skill development

  • Social emotional development

  • Neurodiversity Support

  • Developmental delays

  • Behaviour and regulatory challenges

  • Play and social skill development

  • Prematurity or birth trauma

  • Picky eaters and problem feeders

  • Learning difficulties

  • Handwriting challenges

  • School readiness

  • School support services

  • Any other developmental issue or concern

  • Aquatic occupational therapy.

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Our comprehensive assessments are designed to identify your child's specific needs through both screening and formal evaluations. We utilize a variety of tools to gain a thorough understanding of your child's abilities and challenges, ensuring a tailored therapy plan.

Children at School

Social Skills Groups &
School Holiday Intensives

Our social skills groups offer a fun and interactive setting where children can learn and practice important social interactions.

During school holidays, we are also able to provide intensive sessions to give children a concentrated burst of therapy. 


Therapy Sessions

Our in-clinic therapy sessions provide focused, fun and individualised therapy.

Our therapists use evidence-based practices to help your child develop essential skills in a supportive and engaging environment.


Handwriting Assessment

Our detailed handwriting assessments, including the Detailed Assessment of Speed of Handwriting (DASH), identify specific handwriting challenges. 


Parent & Teacher education

We offer educational sessions for both parents and teachers to equip them with the knowledge and strategies needed to support children's development. These sessions cover a range of topics relevant to pediatric occupational therapy and provide practical strategies for home and classroom environments.

School Children

Childcare, Kindergarten & School Visits

We offer on-site visits to childcare centers, kindergartens, and schools to observe your child in their natural environment. This allows us to provide accurate recommendations and collaborate with educators to support your child's development.

Meeting Room

Attendance at Team Management Meetings

We participate in team management meetings, including Individual Learning Plan (ILP) meetings, to collaborate with other professionals and ensure a cohesive approach to your child's care.

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Educational Presentations

We deliver informative presentations to kindergartens and schools to raise awareness about pediatric occupational therapy and its benefits. These presentations aim to foster a supportive community for children with developmental challenges.

Our services are open to all ages and stages from 0-18
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